Tylo Returns To GL - But For How Long?

February 20, 1996
Soap Opera Update

Shortly, GUIDING LIGHT will welcome back Michael Tylo as Quinton Chamberlain, Henry's prodigal son and Nola's estranged husband. For the time being, his return is considered short-term. "But I can't believe it's just five shows (that I'm going to be doing)," says the actor, who recently was let go from his roles as twins Blade and Rick on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. "Unless Megan (McTavish, GL's headwriter) has taken a Bill Bell writing course, I don't see how she'll get it done in that time."

Tylo assumes Quint is coming back to say goodbye to his father Henry (the late William Roerick), he says. "Beyond that, who knows what will happen once fans start going, 'Oh, he's back?' I saw in (a recent issue of) Soap Opera Update that there was some kind of opinion poll on 'Do you follow actors around (from soap to soap)?' Seventy-nine percent of people said that they did. I hope that the powers that be be understand that."

Even if they don't, "I've got another iron in the fire," says Tylo. "I'm contemplating other offers." Tylo's wife Hunter - THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL's Taylor - may soon be contemplating other offers as well. "No decision has been made (on whether she will continue with that show)," says Michael. "It's not like she's saying we've got to sit down and talk about it, because it may influence our move (back to New York, where they met while appearing on ALL MY CHILDREN together). Then again, the thing with GL is not contract, so she can't turn around and say no to B&B. But then, she surprises me all the time."

GL fans shouldn't be surprised if Tylo's return turns out to be long term. When Lisa Brown reprised her role of Nola recently, she started out as a recurring character. "We have to deal with the issue of (Quint and Nola's marriage)," says that actress. "I think there's lots of stories to tell."

So does Tylo. "Looking at the overview, if Peter Simon (Ed) is leaving, then that kind of leaves Ross Marler as the only nice guy in town as the head of a famil," Tylo says. "When you have (rogues like) Aland and Roger and all these other people, you have to balance it out with somebody. It would be nice to have Quint come back and give them a run for their money."

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