Turkey Tales

November 28, 2000
Soap Opera Digest

Turkey Tales - Plots That Started With A Bang, But Went Bust

Years: 1995-97

Featured Players: Nola and Quint Chamberlain

Promising Setup: A fed-up Nola took a break from her philandering hubby and moved back to Springfield in '95. The estranged spouses faced off the next year when Quint returned for his father's funeral. Nola filed for divorce, but Quint ditched his mistress and decided to give his marriage - and former stomping grounds - another shot.

What Got Us Hooked: The fantasy romance of Quint and Nola in the 1980s was Quintessential GL. When Lisa Brown and Michael Tylo, two powerhouse actors, and their alter egos reunited, the chemistry was still there. We eagerly counted the days until these soul mates would declare their love again.

Say It Ain't So: The show danced around a possible romance, but ultimately decided to keep the pair apart. In December 1996, Michael Tylo quit, in part due to this missed opportunity. GL quickly wrote Quint out of town, while Nola suffered from those back-burner blues. She was briefly paired with Buzz, then exited when Brown quit in 1998.

[ed note. remember the Quola mantra: It never happened.]

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