Deep In The Heart Of Texas

November 23, 1993
by Joyce Becker
Soap Opera Weekly

Soap Opera Festival
Notes From The Front:
Deep In The Heart Of Texas

The temperature in San Antonio, Texas, was 92 degrees and it got even hotter at Fiesta Texas Theme Park when Soap Opera Festival rode into town with the stars of The Young And The Restless, the No. 1-rated show in town. More than 6,000 people jammed the Lone Star Theater, and when I introduced Don Diamont (Brad), Christian LeBlanc (ex-Michael Baldwin) and Michael Tylo (Blade), the fans gave them a rousing, Texas-style welcome.


The highlight of the day came when we surprised Michael Tylo with a cake celebrating the fact that he was going to turn 30-something the next week. Three Fiesta Texas dance hall girls came out with a huge chocolate birthday cake ablaze with candles as the audience sang Happy Birthday To You. WhenI asked Michael to give each of the gals a thank-you kiss, he willingly did so saying, "Hunter would kill me if she saw me kissing these ladies!" (His wife, Hunter Tylo plays Taylor on The Bold And The Beautiful.) The audience roared. Michael, Hunter and their two boys have moved to Las Vegas, where they built a fantastic house. That's where he was taking the birthday cake - which none of us was allowed to taste - for his family to share. He carried that darned cake home on his lap!

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