Star Stats

June 22, 1993
by Lillian Smith
Soap Opera Magazine

Character: BLADE

Height: 6'

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Marital Status: Married six years to Hunter Tylo (TAYLOR B&B)

Children: two sons - Chris, 12, and Michael, 5

Birthplace: Detroit, MI

Birthdate: October 16, a Libra

Education: Wayne State University. "I got my master's in acting/directing."

If you weren't an actor: "Acting is like a kid's game called Let's Pretend, only you get paid for doing it. If I weren't an actor, I'd probably be involved in another kid's game - baseball - as either a coach or a manager."

Most unusual job: "In college, I used to drive U-Haul trucks from the factory in Michigan to Indianapolis and from Minneapolis to Chicago, Dayton, Cincinnati and Buffalo and made 25 bucks a trip. Not much money, but back in those days you could buy Levis's for $6 a pair, so it wasn't too bad."

Favorite actress: Meryl Streep

Favorite actor: Robert Duvall and Robert De Niro. "It's one of those things - all my life I wanted to work with certain people and I got to work with Duvall in Lonesome Dove."

Favorite movie: Lawrence of Arabia

Favorite TV show: M*A*S*H

Favorite book: "I read a lot so that's tough. I have a few. Of Human Bondage, anything James Michener has written, anything Tom Clancy has written."

Favorite vacation getaways: Puerto Rico and San Francisco

Favorite hangout: Wilson's in New York and Citrus in Los Angeles

Favorite color: Blue

Best friend on the show: Peter Bergman (JACK)

Favorite place to shop: "There you got me, I don't like shopping."

Favorite junk food: Hamburgers

Favorite fantasy: "Anything that would involve my wife."

Favorite holidays: Thanksgiving

Worst vice: Smoking

Musical taste: "Varied. Everything from early rock and roll through Eric Clapton and Van Halen."

Car you drive: "We buy American. She has a Buick and I have a Chrysler."

Pet peeve: "Bossy people with overinflated egos and people who worry more about my smoking than the overall environment. Their number on priority is my smoking, then they'll turn around the next morning and get up and use a non-biodegradable disposable razor to shave their smug face."

Best quality: "I wouldn't know. Generous to my friends I guess."

Worst quality: "Impatient with stupid, arrogant people - but, of course, I look at that as virtue."

Hobbies: Golf, reading, collecting first editions of books

People would be surprised to know: "That I'm basically a homebody."

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