All the World's a Stage...Stage Performance Q&A

October 16, 2007
A MichaelTyloOnline Exclusive exclusive

You worked in front of cameras for years, but have been doing more theatre as of late. What has returning to the stage been like?

Returning to the stage has been a blessing. It has recharged my acting batteries and given me a desire to do more film and TV.

What is the rehearsal process like for you? How do you develop a character from a script into an individual who carries himself in certain way, speaks in a certain way and has certain mannerisms and characteristics?

I find the objective of the character throughout the play and see how each scene moves him towards that goal. The playwright gives you an indication of the class he is from, and that tells me which mannerisms to use, how to walk and talk. I use props such that are a part of the room or the environment to give him human behavior while speaking. And finally, I find the human truth within me to express his point of view in striving for his objective.

Opening night. Are you ever nervous?

I'm always nervous opening night and have been sick to my stomach on more than one occasion.

Do you pay attention to the audience while on the stage or do you forget that it's there?

I create a fourth wall that separates me from the audience. If I'm in a kitchen set, the fourth wall becomes my kitchen wall which gives me comfort in the set, and my imagination creates the structure which doesn't allow me to see the audience.

Dream roles you would like to play or have played?

Iago in Othello, Lear in King Lear, Titus in Titus Andronicus, James Tyrone Sr. in Long Day's Journey into the Night and any comedy that comes my way.

Do you recall any funny incidents or bloopers that have happened to you on stage?

I always have one line in every play that gives me trouble. It is usually a pronunciation thing and at least once during the run of the play I screw it up.

I noticed that you also directed a play for the stage last spring. How did it come about and what was it like?

I have a reputation of working well with actors and new playwrights. Original plays have always been the biggest challenge and for some reason I have a gift for directing them, and I love the process of discovery.