Daytime's Most Spectacular Weddings: Quint and Nola

Summer Spectacular, 1994
Soap Opera Digest

Quint and Nola were Springfield's loopiest lovers, and in the summer of 1983, their wedding shenanigans were among daytime's most memorable ever. He was a secretive archeologist; she was his housekeeper, hard-working but with a tendency to fantasize about Hollywood while dusting.

For viewers, the marriage was a long-awaited payoff, the event that capped a manic year of secrets and adventure, including Quint's daring island rescue of the kidnapped Nola. As weddings go, Nola and Quint's was a comedy of errors, something straight out of the bride's MGM daydreams. At Quint's bachelor part, Nola hid herself inside a giant cake and tried to eavesdrop on her fiance's secret honeymoon plans; the joke was on her, though, since the lid stuck and she found herself trapped inside the cake. After she was released, she went back to Company and found her dress missing. It reappeared, but in the meantime the entire wedding party had set off for the church, leaving Nola at home - which wouldn't have been so bad if the ceremony hasn't been relocated to a countryside chapel 30 miles from Springfield after the original church was burned to a crisp in a freak fire! Undeterred, Nola hitched a ride with a fire truck, which arrive at the church, sirens blaring, in the nick of time.

The event ended with Nola and Quint sipping champagne in a "Just Married" hot-air balloon above Springfield after which the newlyweds flew to Ireland, where they stayed in - what else? - a haunted hotel.

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