Special Delivery - Daytime Dads Suffer Labor Pains

June 22, 1993
by Lisa Hallet
Soap Opera Digest

[only parts that are about Michael transcribed here]

Nearly two weeks overdue with son Mickey, who's now 5, Hunter Tylo (Taylor, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL) and husband Michael Tylo (Blade, YOUNG AND RESTLESS) were hanging out in their New York apartment when her water finally broke. Trying to maintain a calm demeanor, Michael did some household chores before heading for the hospital. As he was bending over the dishwasher, his back went out of whack. "I had sciatica - it hit," he remembers. "I was walking around like an old man. She's going to have a baby and her mother - who's a nurse - was trying to get me to straighten up so I could get in the cab."

When they got to the hospital, the doctor recommended that the couple walk around to hasten dilation. "We were walking up and down the halls all night," Michael recalls. "I was bent over so I was eye level with all of the doctors' names on their doors. We looked like Quasimodo and Esmeralda, because she was so beautiful."

When Hunter Tylo received her epidural, Michael was still in pain from his sciatica, so he asked, "Do you have any of that for me?" Closer to delivery time, the doctor informed the Tylos that all was fine and that the baby would not be very big. "I was looking at these gizmos because they had everything wired up," Michael remembers. "Then the baby's heart rate went down. It ends up that the cord was around his neck. Hunter was saying, 'Get this thing out of me!' She was pushing, and he came out - 10 pounds, 24 inches long. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen in my life. The doctor picked up the baby and said, 'Hunter, you've got a boy.' He turned the baby around to show us, and it s--t all over the doctor. Hunter said, 'Well, that's a Tylo."

Later, Michael left the hospital to fetch a goat cheese salad for his wife, since it's one of her favorite dishes. "I started walking over to the cab and passed out. Fainted dead away. I was totally flipped," he observes. "I was 39 years old; I'd never been through any of this stuff."

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