Soap World Michael Tylo TV Interview (transcript + video)

Aired: Approx 1982/1983

Host: Michael Young
Interviewer: Richard Bey
Interviewee: Michael Tylo
Also Featuring: George Kappaz (Gunther, "Guiding Light" '82-'83)

Host Sitting in Separate "Soap World" Set

Michael Young: "The Guiding Light's" monarch of mystery, we'll call him, Quinton McCord is portrayed by Michael Tylo who originated the character just over one year ago. Now, one highlight of this particular character is the slashing duels. I love those. "Soap World's" East Coast reporter, Richard Bey takes us to a rehearsal hall now to see how Michael puts together one of these duels.

CUT TO Interviewer, Richard Bey in empty studio

Richard Bey: When CBS hired Michael Tylo to play the dashing Quint McCord, they probably didn't realize that they had an actor that would "slice" right through his scenes. Michael's an expert fencer who cuts up "The Guiding Light" set with his buddy, George Kappaz who plays Gunther. Now on TV, it may look easy, but it's really the result of a slow, methodical process. So "en garde" because today we're at the actor's movement studio to find out who puts the fight in "The Guiding Light."

CUT TO: Michael Tylo running towards camera with fencing foil.

Michael Tylo (referring to fencing): Because of my background: Hungarian, Polish, Ukrainian, Eastern European Countries; this was the weapon, that and the fact that I used to watch the Errol Flynn/Tyrone Power movies and read the Sabatini novels: you know Scaramouche and things like that. A combination of all those elements kind of made me say uh, yeah it's a weapon. I owe a great deal to my parents. There were six of us, and they encouraged all of us to do what we wanted to do, because if we didn't we weren't going to be happy. And then whatever you chose to do, make a living at it, and be the best at it.

Richard Bey in V.O. over photos of Tylo: Michael received that advice back in Dearborn Heights, Detroit from his dad, a plumber and his mom who is now back in school. Michael, the oldest of six, went to Catholic High School and Wayne State University. He fell in love with the actress who played opposite him a Grad-school production of "As You Like It." Well they must of liked it, because they soon married. At Wayne State, Michael took fencing as the physical ed. requirement, and he hasn't quit since.

CUT TO: Tylo and Kappaz choreographing some fencing moves in a studio

MT (VO clips): These things are so well choreographed. It's like a dance. And everything, you know, step A, step B, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, everything follows.

Tylo and Kappaz choreographing more fencing moves.

MT (VO): I don't live in the fast lane, and I don't live like Quint McCord. I mean for some people that's all right, that's what they are, but for me, I rather just take it all in stride.

RB: Is there a style in which you fence? That says something about your personality?

MT: I think it is an extension of the poetic side of my personality, yeah. I uh, think that that's very appealing to me, and it's the one way I can let it out.

CUT TO: More Tylo/Kappaz fencing

MT: I have those own personal fantasies about living in the age, the golden age of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the world of mink capes, you know, and Hassaur (sp?) outfits and horseback riding. Yeah, I kind of get off on that. I enjoy that kind of period. America is on this big health kick, and this is my way of keeping in shape and keeping healthy. And you know, you romanticize it and you fantasize about it, yes, but it's just a good form of exercise. And it's also a living. I can teach and make a living. Because you know, one thing about acting that is a constant, is that you're not always employed. (laughs)

CUT TO: More Tylo and Kappaz fencing and Tylo WINS!!

Cut Back to "Kids Are People Too" Dude in Soap World Set:

Michael Young: That's impressive, but Michael recently hurt himself while he was performing a well rehearsed scene when a studio light momentarily blinded him which caused him to mistakenly grab his opponent's knife instead of his wrist. That hurts!