GL's Michael Tylo, The Quintessential Shakespearean

July 30, 1996
Soap Opera Weekly

Afer a brief return as Guiding Light's Quinton Chamberlain in June, Michael Tylo suddenly disappeared from the show. But Quint fans shouldn't worry: Tylo is not gone for good. He's just in Allentown, Pa., playing Iago in a production of Othello at the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival at Allentown College. "I'm working with old friends of mine like Alan Coates, who was on Edge of Night (as Ian Deveraux) and Guiding Light (as Jamie Loomis), and with whom I did The Importance of Being Earnest about 13 years ago," Tylo says. "In fact, that was the last play I did. I thought it was time to reinvent myself as an actor and take a chance, to see if I could still do it.

Tylo admits to having experienced some hesitation about hitting the board again. "It was difficult, because it's a different rhythm, a different drive [from soaps]," the actor explains. "It's also a longer, harder focus, but it's terribly exciting, too, because you get an immediate response from the audience.

Although he hasn't been performing onstage, the actor and his wife, Hunter Tylo (Taylor, The Bold and The Beautiful), have been serving on the board of the Shakespeare Festival since the organization's inception five years ago. "It's one of the most successful festivals in the country, and one of the few that operates in the black. Father Shubert, the head of the festival, has been my friend and confidant since 1962. It's a tribute to him that he can get old [folks] like me to come here and play," he says with a laugh. "Since I was coming here to teach in the fall, I felt it was time for me to do something. They picked this project and I said OK. If I'd had my druthers, I might have chosen something else, but this is what they asked me to do. I'm enjoying myself. I hope that it will be a success. It doesn't hinge on me, so I think that it will be."

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