Michael Roasts The Reverend

March 21, 1995
Soap Opera Magazine

When Michael Tylo (BLADE) peered into the audience during an appearance in Stockton, CA, he spotted his former high school English teacher from Detroit among the crowd. When Reverend Clark Kelley heard Michael was going to be in town, he figrued he would stop by the event to say a private hello. But once Michael recognized him, he couldn't resist having a little good-natured fun at the Reverend's expense. "See that man?" Michael called out to his fans from the stage. "He was a prefect of discipline at my strict Catholic high school. He sent me to school on Saturday, which was the ultimate punishment to a teenager." With a devilish twinkle in his eye, Michael concluded his introduction by adding: "I forgive him though, since years later he taught me how to make a perfect martini."

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