Celebrating Quint & Nola...A Fantasy Come True

November, 1983
Afternoon TV

Everyone was hoping for a Hollywood-style happy ending to this romance, which began in Nola's dreams, and was played out on two levels: the actual courtship (where all was not smooth sailing), and the bitter-sweet fairytales or the legendary films of the past.

We lived through Nola's (Lisa Brown) agonizing choice between long-time love Kelly Nelson (John Wesley Shipp), and her mysterious employer, Quint McCord (Michael Tylo). Nola projected herself into the cinematic dilemma that faced Ingrid Bergan [ed.note. Bergman], in Casablanca. Then she imagined herself an enigmatic Quint in a master-servant situation that paralleled Rochester's with Jane Eyre. The mansion that is now her domain was once as darkly foreboding as Manderly was for Rebecca.

Nola wondered if transformation as radical as Bette Davis' in Now Voyager would make her more alluring to Quint. That there were mixed emotions in her heart was reflected in a nightmare that had Quint as one of the evil warlocks casting spells of her and her daughter, a la Rosemary's Baby. Nola envisioned Quint as her leading man in incarnations as diverse as Heathcliff, Captain Blood and Count Dracula.

But whatever the tale, Nola was always his leading lady. At last she won his love, and triumphed over the threats posed by Rebecca and Helena. As Quint claimed his birthright, he then claimed his bride.

The festivities began with an engagement party - antebellum style. Hosted by Henry Chamberlain (William Roerick) and his daughter Vanessa (Maeve Kinkead), the ballroom of Springfield Country Club appeared to be popular by veterans from both sides of the Civil War...and the ladies all looked like Southern Belles. The major skirmish was between Nola and Vanessa, when they both chose the same gown to wear for the ball.

Let's join the festivities, and relive all the joy of the wedding of the year!

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