Fall One Act Play Festival 2007

UNLV Department of Theatre Opens the Fall One Act Play Festival Oct. 24

The Fall One Act Play Festival opens October 24 in the UNLV Paul Harris Theatre. This year’s festival features three plays: Laura Neubauer’s Brick, Oscar Limon’s Archaic Friendship and Laura V. Turner’s Luxury.

Brick is about sisters in their thirties who are facing changes in their lives. Michael Tylo is directing Jamie Puckett and Kim Kelly as the sisters, with Rachel Lanyi as the daughter/niece.

Luxury involves two older sisters in a run-down Victorian home in rural Tennessee who are having financial difficulties due to one sister wanting to live beyond her means. Directed by Douglas Hill, the play features Marilyn Oster Kaufman and Jackie Shick as the sisters, with Jake Sauter and Geo G. Nikols as the boys hired by store owner Kris Pruett.

Archaic Friendship, two women who have been friends their entire lives discover their children are marrying into the other’s family. Directed by Nate Bynum, the cast features Leigh Anne Crandall, Katie Mazzola, Nicole Unger, and Jessica Everett.

UNLV's one-act program suffered a blow...

UNLV's one-act program, on view through Sunday at the Paul Harris Theatre, suffered a blow with the sudden death of Michael Tylo's son Oct. 24. Tylo had been directing one of the shows when he got word that his 19-year-old son had drowned in his ex-wife's Henderson home. Others stepped in to polish Tylo's near-completed work and the program opened as planned.


"Laura Neubauer's "Brick" is at times obvious and heavy-handed, but it's rich in atmosphere, tension and subtext.

The master's degree candidate pits two very different women, Stevie (Jamie Puckett) and Wanda (Kimberly Kelly), in a tug of war for the affections of Wanda's child, Bella (Rachel Lanyi). The playwright finds us an entry into this story that easily could have been cold and distant.

Under Michael Tylo's expert direction, we feel the spell each woman has over the teenager. The actresses create a genuine sense of family. They avoid the possible melodrama in the material by establishing a no-fuss reality base. " -Las Vegas ReviewJournal

Two UNLV Plays Win National Recognition

Oscar Limón’s Archaic Friendship and Laura Neubauer’s Brick have been invited by the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival to the New Play Development Workshop at the California State University, Los Angeles February 12 to 16. The two plays were part of UNLV’s One Act Play Festival this past October and were adjudicated at that time.

Archaic Friendship, directed by Nate Bynum, is about two lifelong friends who discover their children are marrying into the other's family. The play featured Leigh Anne Crandall, Katie Mazzola, Nicole Unger and Jessica Everett.

Michael Tylo directed Brick about sisters in their 30s who are facing the changes in their lives. The play featured Jamie Puckett, Kim Kelly and Rachel Lanyi.

The award places a national spotlight on the UNLV playwriting program. MFA playwrights Limón and Neubauer will be attending the workshop in Los Angeles.