No Place Like Home

August 15, 2000
Soaps In Depth

Michael Tylo left behind his heart heart when a new project started monkeying around in outer space

Although Michael Tylo's trip to Cape Canaveral was for business, his stay was a pleasure. Not only had the veteran of GUIDING LIGHT (as Vanessa's half brother, Quint) and THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (as good-'n'-evil twins Rick and Blade) been cast in a film that fictionalizes the government's first attempts to send chimps into space, but his castmates included two of his golfing buddies, Scott Thompson (ex-Connor, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL) and James Woods, with whom wife Hunter Tylo (Taylor, B&B) also is close.

"Scott and I play guidance technicians in the bunker," explains the soap mainstay, who résumé also includes GENERAL HOSPITAL and ALL MY CHILDREN (where he was paired on-screen with his future missus). "I'm jazzed about it. The whole race to space really intrigued me as a kid. I had the privilege of meeting Buzz Aldrin once, and I also worked with Kate Collins (ex-Natalie, AMC), whose father piloted a mission."

More Than Kid Stuff

Although the idea of a week with the guys in sunny Florida appealed to Tylo, he initially was hesitant to take a hiatus from playing Mr. Mom to his and Hunter's four children - especially since their youngest, Katya, was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer.

"Ever since my daughter became sick, I haven't been actively looking for work that would keep me away from the house," he says. "I let Hunter do her thing: it's a great job and she enjoys it."

That's not to say that Tylo hasn't been keeping busy. After Katya fell ill, he successfully spearheaded an effort to pass a resolution in California declaring October Retinoblastoma International Month. Now he's hoping to pass a state law requiring doctors to perform eye exams at birth to detect pediatric eye diseases.

"I've become friends with the speaker of California Assembly," he reveals, "and other states and countries have asked for advice on getting their own resolutions passed."

Capital Gains

Could Tylo's involvement in political process entice him to become more involved in government? "I do find it interesting," he admits. "I enjoy the challenge of it."

In the meantime, Tylo wouldn't rule out the idea of popping up on another soap - thought he thinks soaps might have ruled him out. "These days," he muses, "soaps aren't looking for people my age. They want people with hard bodies and no life experience."

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