Never Bored WIth The Bard

Dec 22, 1992
The Spokesman-Review

Michael Tylo (Blade, "Young & the Restless") may live and work in California, but a part of his heart is also in the Keystone State - the site of his Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival. "It's associated with Allentown College, in Allentown, Pa.," he sai. "That's about 50 miles north of Philadelphia and 100 miles west of New York. And I hope to be doing a chow there in July is I get time off from 'Young & the Restless'."

There is no shortage of Shakespeare festivals. They seem to be everywhere in the English-speaking world, and in other places, as well. So, why one more?

"Because," said Tylo, "you can never have too much of the classics. Right now, I believe we're the only pure Shakespeare festival in Pennsylvania. I'm hoping that some time down the line we'll also be able to do a Moliere festival as well."

As for this year's offering at the festival, "We're going to be doing 'Twelfth Night,'" Tylo said, "and 'Macbeth,' and I hope I can get the time off to play the Scot himself."

So far as his storyline on the soap is concerned, Tylo said, "They've had me with Jill, and they seem to be putting me together with Ashley...Mr Bell likes to lay in a story and make it solid and see how you work with different people before he locks into anything. I enjoy working with someone like that. Instead of trying to get you to fit a mold, he sort of molds the story around what he heas, and I feel that's one reason he's so successful."