Michael's Magical Mystery Tour

March 7, 1995.
Soap Opera Magazine

Michael Tylo (BLADE) didn't think he was the kind of guy who fooled easily, but a recent visit to a master illusionist's workshop proved him wrong. "One of my neighbors in Vegas is Bill Smith, who builds magic tricks for a number of magicians - including David Copperfield and Lance Burton," says Michael. When Bill invited the actor to tour his factory, he jumped at the chance to see firsthand how magic was made. The first device that caught Michael's eyes was a disappearing chamber. "I walked in and for all intents and purposes, disappeared! I stood there looking at the thing, but for the life of me, couldn't figure it out," he tells us. "The guy is unbelievably good. While we were talking, he took my wedding ring without me knowing and it ended up on a safety pin in his wallet!"

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