We've Discovered the Mystery of Love

By Cheryl Podgorski

Michael Tylo and Lisa Brown may be soap opera's "odd couple," but they're doing what every performer dreams of. They're living out their very own private fantasies, by bringing old-world elegance and exciting intrigue to their romance.

Other soap operas indulge their--and your--fantasies by resorting to science fiction or confusing mystery plots. But Guiding Light has found another way to take their viewers into an Alice in Wonderland-like world.

Nola, with her vivid imagination, dreams that Quint is Bogart in Casablanca, Laurence Olivier in Rebecca and a slender but imposing Orson Welles in Jane Eyre. And these are just a few of her wild dreams. Quint isn't always so romantic. In fact, at times he's absolutely frightening--as Dracula, the Prince of Darkness.

But what do the actors feel about all this romping in Nola's TV wonderland?

Michael Tylo, who portrays Quint, admits, "I was frightened to play Bogart's famous Rick. I mean, he's a legend!"

However, Lisa Brown feels he had nothing to worry about. "I thought Michael did a great job. He's fun to work with."

And, after all, such roles are the stuff dreams are made of. In fact, that's why Michael became an actor in the first place. "It fit my lifestyle. I get to sleep late." (Or so he thought before he landed a soap with 6:30 makeup calls.)

"Really, I was a big movie buff as a kids. My heroes were Jimmy Cagney, Errol Flynn, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. I love those old films, and I tried to emulate their styles. I always thought that swashbuckling stuff was kind of neat."

And, Michael is excited about the research that is essential before one can portray such characters. "I had fencing lessons while in college. My instructor was kind of a romantic guy, an expatriate Hungarian." When Douglas Marland, producer (ed. note he was head writer) of Guiding Light, discovered Mike's talents, he put them to work. "Doug's great that way. He likes to use the individuality of his people."

For Michael and Lisa, doing the variety of roles that Nola's fantasies make possible, is really an actor's dream come true.

"I think my greatest ambition," explains Michael, "is to do a remake of Captain Blood or Don Juan or any of the Errol Flynn films. The role of Quint combines the swashbuckling, the romance and the mystery. He's sophisticated and he's fun."

Also, Michael finds it easy to relate to Quint. "There are certain similarities between him and me--his moodiness, the way he dresses, but, most important, he always has something nice to say to people. I come from a background where my father taught me if you're around people be gracious. Quint is that way, and he's very compassionate. He especially cares about Nola because she's an unwed mother and because she's got spunk. he gets a kick out of it when she tells him off.

Lisa certainly agrees with Michael's assessment of their roles. "It's weird, Michael is a lot like Quint--he brings that to life. I'm having a great time doing those fantasy scenes. And those clothes, I love them!"

Thus elegantly dressed, placed in exotic or strange settings, Lisa and Michael have discovered that a touch of mystery in a soap opera love affair is a touch of gold!"

But, haunting questions remain. Will Nola ever truly be able to forget Kelly? Will she discover just what a great guy Quint is? Stay tuned for more fun on Guiding Light.

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