The 100 most memorable moments in soap history: Quint & Nola's Wedding

#66 Quint & Nola's Wedding

A soap opera wedding is always a special event, the big reward for fans who have endured countless obstacles to the romance of their favorite soap couple. This was the case with the June 24, 1983 nuptials of GL's dashing and mysterious Quinton Chamberlain (Michael Tylo) and the charming and spirited Nola Reardon (Lisa Brown). After suffering through more than their fair share of complications, Quint and Nola fans were ready for a wedding that would be something very special, something different from other soap weddings. Different is exactly what they got. Like most of their relationship, Quint and Nola's wedding did not go totally smoothly. Nola's family accidentally left her behind, and she had to hitch a ride to the church on a fire truck (with DAYS' Jack Deveraux, perhaps?). Eventually, the couple made it to the altar to exchange their vows. Following the ceremony, Quint surprised his new bride with a hot-air balloon ride before taking her to Ireland for their honeymoon. After several ups and downs, Quint and Nola fans were finally rewarded with a lushly romantic and truly memorable soap moment.