UNLV Senior Adult Theatre Program Presents "The Monodrama Project"

May, 2007

The UNLV Senior Adult Theatre Program presents "The Monodrama Project",” 10-minute, original one-person shows written by the playwright, at 8 p.m. May 23-26 and at 2 p.m. May 27 in the Paul Harris Theatre, located in the Alta Ham Fine Arts Building on the UNLV campus. Tickets are $5 and available at the UNLV Performing Arts Center Box Office or by calling 895-ARTS (2787).

Set design and technical direction for all shows is by Bart Mueller.

"The Monodrama Project" started in the fall semester of 2006. The students studied the work of Hal Holbrook, Julie Harris, James Whitmore, and Whoopi Goldberg, and read scripts by Spaulding Gray, David Cale, and Glen Berger, among others. In addition, the students studied the craft and form of storytelling before creating their own 10-minute monodrama. These scripts (some of which are fictional, some of which are autobiographical) were workshopped and developed; and then rehearsed as part of a class in the Senior Adult Theatre Program at UNLV.

Associate Director of the Senior Adult Theatre Program, Douglas Hill has been very happy with the project. “This is an important artistic forum,” says Hill. “This is the first time that our program has produced scripts written and performed by our students, and in some instances they are being directed by senior adult theatre student peers. These ten-minute plays are a view into modern older adulthood—a chance to see stories about issues and ideas that matter to a wide variety of mature artists.”

Following are "The Monodrama Project" performances:

Helen Bagne performs “Concrete and Cell Phones,”

An Orwellian nightmare spills out from a personal computer.

Directed by Douglas Hill

Kathy Futa performs “Metamorphosis”

It ain’t easy looking “easy” for the theatre director.

Directed by Patricia A. Puckett

Marilyn Oster Kaufman performs “Love’s Labours Found”

It’s the night before the wedding and the groom-to-be has forgotten one important thing – and it’s not the ring!

Directed by Nate Bynum

Al Rauckhorst performs “Clueless in Boston”

Could the “wrong” girl be the one he was looking for all his life?

Directed by Tennille Foust

Gail K. Romero performs “Out of the West”

A patient rebels against her doctor’s advice in an effort to cure herself.

Directed by Joe Watkins

Sandy Runkle performs “Flight Check”

A woman is torn between her five sons and…a court reporter’s stenotype machine?

Directed by Michael Tylo

Bobbye Sansing performs “Philosophy of Life”

Determined not to become a stereotype, a young woman flees into the heart of Greenwich Village during the rise of the Beat generation.

Directed by Douglas Hill

Nydia Segal performs “Unwrapped”

A child of immigrant parents struggles to find her voice in New York City.

Directed by Paul Harris

Jackie Shick performs “The Interview”

An aging celebrity makes one more bid for stardom.

Directed by Douglas Hill

Harriet Stich performs “A Dream to Remember”

Down darkened hallways with a damp chill in the air, something waits for this dreamer at the bottom of the stairs.

Directed by Tennille Foust

Ann Vizzaccero performs “We Can Do It”

World War II erupts and American women are put to the test; but are they up to it?

Directed by Mandy Peters