Remembering Douglas Marland: Actors Recall Their Marland Moments

March 4, 2008

Michael Tylo

MARLAND MOMENT: Tylo worked with Douglas Marland when Marland wrote one of the stories for which he is best known — the romance of Quint and Nola on Guiding Light. The pairing of the two characters — unconventional, but classic - became a fan favorite and still has a strong following to this day. Tylo played Quint from 1981 to 1985.

TYLO SAYS: “Doug Marland was not only a great writer, he was a good man. He was one of the last who learned his craft from Irna Philips. He knew what an excellent narrative story was and enhanced it in such a way as to not only please his audience but to bring in “new” viewers as well. Quint and Nola, for example, was never duplicated, nor could it be. This storyline encompassed two characters from two different worlds, who through their relationship, love and marriage touched the hearts of millions. This is just one of many contributions Doug made to an industry he loved and has sorely missed him — and needs him. Doug was a great friend, and on a personal level, helped me through tough times and never wanted anything in return. I loved him and I miss him. Now that I’m a professor at University of Nevada Las Vegas, when I teach daytime drama, it is always a pleasure to lecture on Doug’s contributions and say that there will never be another like him.”

TODAY: After playing several other roles in daytime, Tylo became a teacher. He is now assistant professor of film and theater at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.