The Most Significant June Weddings in Soap History: Quint & Nola

July 1, 2008
Soap Opera Digest

Quint McCord Chamberlain & Nola Chamberlain
June 24 1983

The Courtship: Quirky, fantasy-prone Nola and mysterious Quint fell in love in 1982 after Nola took a job as the eccentric archeologist's live-in assistant. Their courtship was thwarted by several bizarre mishaps, including multiple kidnappings and a near-drowning. Quint popped the question in May 1982, telling his beloved, "I want to wake up in the morning with you right beside me. I want you to have our children. I want the both of us to grow old together."

The Wedding: In keeping with their unique, adventure-filled courtship, Quint and Nola's wedding didn't go off without a hitch. When the church burned down the week before the nups, the couple was forced to recolate. On her wedding day, Nola's family left her behind at the boardinghouse, so she hitched a ride to the church on the back of a firetruck. After the bridesmaids, including a reluctant Vanessa, dressed behind a sheet in the chapel basement, everyone gathered for the simple, yet elegant ceremony. They exchanged very traditional vows as Pachelbel's "Canon in D" played in the background. "I give you this ring as a symbol of the promise of my unending love," they recited. Quint surprised Nola with a hot-air balloon ride to the low-key reception at Company, where photos of the wedding party were taken. Despite Nola coaching her BFF Gracie, Vanessa caught the bouquet. While the guests celebrated inside, the newlyweds stole a sweet moment together on the porch. Bea even served them sandwiches (crusts cut off!) so they'd have energy for the big night ahead.

Happily Ever After? For a while. After the couple honeymooned at a haunted Irish inn, they returned to Springfield. Nola went into labor with son Anthony one month shy of their first wedding anniversary - and right in the middle of Tony and Annabelle's wedding. In 1985, Quint was offered a job in Tanquir, so Nola quit her aerobics business, Nolaerobics, and they left town. Nola and Quint returned separately in 1995-96 after it was revealed that Quint had an affair. Their reconciliation was never addressed.

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