Hello, Again

February 13, 1996
Soap Opera Weekly

A tribute to his TV father, William Roerick (Henry), is bringing Michael Tylo back to Guiding Light as Quinton Chamberlain, the 1981-'85 soap role he admits is still his most popular. "I called the show after I learned of Bill's death and said, 'I feel really bad. If there's anything I can do, if you're going to do a memorial on-air and you want Quint there, I'd be glad to do it,'" he recalls. "That's the way it was left; I didn't hear from them, so I assumed they had figured out what they wanted to do. Then I got a call. They said five shows over two weeks and I said sure."

Tylo wouldn't mind a longer stay; he is also considering relocating to the East Coast. "I want to do more New York theater. It's time to reinvent myself. I've kind of wasted away in Hollyweird."

Tylo credits former head writer Douglas Marland for the fact that Quint and Nola have retained their popularity over the years. "We had a lot of wonderful stuff that Marland wrote that really caught audiences off-guard. It was a combination of soap and fantasy that I don't think has ever been matched. People tried to do it, but it just didn't work. It was an enormous challenge, and a lot of fun to work at. We'll have to see if it can be redone. I'm really looking forward to working with Lisa (Brown, Nola) again," he adds.

Tylo recently started watching GL again, so he knows that he is now playing dad to a teen-age son. "That's pretty bizarre; we used to be the young studmuffins, and now our kids are," he says with a laugh. Tylo also knows the way son J and Quint's estranged wife, Nola, have been talking about him. "I'm getting bad-mouthed," he says, laughing again. "That's good. I like that kind of a welcome."

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