'Guiding Light' Snuffs Out Three Characters

Apr 10, 1985
St. Petersburg Times

Several years ago, when Guiding Light was struggling in the ratings, two marvelous characters took hold of the audience and the ratings. They were Quint & Nola. As of April 26, Michael Tylo, who plays Quint, and Lisa Brown, who plays Nola, will no longer be on the show. They are going to Tanquir on an arhaeological dig and never be seen or heard from again, except perhaps for an occasional postcard.

You remember Tanquir: that's the mythical island that everyone in Guiding Light's Springfield goes to for a vacation mixed with adventure.

Brown has decided to leave the show of her own volition. As for Tylo, he had just signed a year's contract. The show used him for six months, giving him nary an interesting storyline, and has now decided that without Nola there can be no Quint. To claim that there's nothing for the character to do, we say nonsense. We don't even write for a soap opera and we can think of three or four storylines for Quint. How about a widower raising two children on his own? Single parenthood is a very contemporary subject these days, on and off the tube. Tylo's character is a college professor with a bit of an adventurer in him. No storylines for that?

It's too bad because there was something comfortable about the couple: Nola with her ditsy daydreams who finally learned that real life is better than fantasy; Quint as the adventurer-cum-stuffed shirt who settled into family life but still longs for excitement.