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Janury 23, 1997

Angela (Host) Welcome to Delphi's chat with Michael Tylo!!

MICHAELTYLO> Hi to everyone! I'm anxious to answer your questions.

Angela (Host)> If you have a question ready to go for Michael, he's HERE! Send the first one in!

Angela (Host)> Is Lisa Brown (Nola) as wacky in real life as she is on screen?

MICHAELTYLO> Lisa Brown is one of the nicest & warmest people I know. Yet she has a great sense of humor.

MICHAELTYLO> And, she's a straight-shooter & calls 'em like she sees 'em.

Angela (Host)> she seems like she would be an "off-the-wall" type of person... the kind to make the set laugh.. is she?

MICHAELTYLO> She does, on occasion, but when it comes to work she is very professional. But, she will also enjoy & make a moment if someone screws up. She's usually the first one to comment on it.

Angela (Host)> lol

CK> Do you ever improvise? And how is that looked upon by the suits?

MICHAELTYLO> We don't improvise as much as people think, because there are cues within the lines as well as on the lines.

Angela (Host)> how many hours/days does one scene take?

MICHAELTYLO> Any changes that were made on Guiding Light were made in rehearsal.

Angela (Host)> I understand you teach at a college in Allentown, PA. Is it an archaeology class? :)

MICHAELTYLO> On average we shoot 72-80 pages of dialogue per day which is normally one show.

CK> Okay, I've got another one.

MICHAELTYLO> However, we will add scenes sometimes to give ourselves time off at Christmas.

MICHAELTYLO> IOW, we'll sometimes do 6 shows in 5 days.

CK> I know you've had a widely varied Soap career. What soaps were you on, and what parts did you play on them?

Angela (Host)> Good question, CK... I know some people weren't familiar with some of the characters

MICHAELTYLO> No, it's the .... I'm the director of the TV & Film Dept. & I teach writing, directing, acting, producing.

MICHAELTYLO> On Another World, I was on briefly, all of 2 weeks, ...

GINNYG> Michael, did I read somewhere that you grew up in Michigan?

MICHAELTYLO> I was hired by Paul Rausch who is now the producer of Guiding Light, .. And, then fired by him, 2 weeks later, ..

CK> Why such a sudden dismissal?

MICHAELTYLO>The show was in transition & what they did was send everyone to a party I was throwing & kill a bunch of people off.

MICHAELTYLO> Next, I was Quint.

MICHAELTYLO> On AMC I was Matt Conley.

Angela (Host)> you mean AW had a party that killed a bunch of people off? or are you giving us a scoop on GL?

MICHAELTYLO> Then, on GH, for 6 months I played TracyQ's brother-in-law.

CK> Matt Connolly, was that the guy who was in love with Nina while she went off looking for Cliff?

ginny> Hi!

VALW> I was wondering if the scenes with Lisa Brown last year during Henry's funeral where as emotionally difficult for you to do, as they were for the fans to watch. I know I had to went through a few boxes of tissues back then.

MICHAELTYLO> I got my title back from my bastard brother & went back to England.

Angela (Host)> lol

MICHAELTYLO> Then, after that, I was Blade & Rick on Y&R.

CK> Oh, yeah!

CK> So you were the real Lord Ashton?

MICHAELTYLO> Next to Quint, on GL, Zorro was an all time favorite of mine.

CK> :)

MICHAELTYLO> Matt Connolly married Nina & we both left the show at the same time.

ginny> Michael which show are you on now the young and the restless is one of my favorites!

CK> What role do you think you liked the most? And which is most like your own personality?

MICHAELTYLO> Yes, for 2 reasons, Bill Roerick was a good friend, so it was my saying good-bye to him as well as the character. And, also, I thought it was kind of a jerky storyline that my character had an affair with a student.

VALW> We all did.

CK> Does a soap actor have any recourse when subjected to a "jerky storyline?"

MICHAELTYLO> Yeah, I was the real Lord Ashton.

JSKSMITH> Michael? Are you leaving GL?

Angela (Host)> well, that was one of my questions... it was so out of character for Quint... did you get any input on the direction of that storyline?

MICHAELTYLO> Ginny, I'm neither right now. I don't know if there are any shows of mine left to air on Guiding Light.

MICHAELTYLO> I am presently unemployed except as a teacher.

Madeline> You've been on many soaps. Did you know the storylines ahead of time and was it possible to keep up with each show before you began working on it? We have great hopes you'll be employed on TV soon!


Angela (Host)> well, I for one was looking forward to the Nola/Quint story line... there are several Quola fans here...


ginny> Michael you are a fantastic actor:)

MICHAELTYLO> When I was originally on the storyline & it didn't work, I thought it was kind of stupid that they brought the character back that way.

ROBRITA> !me too

Janine> You and Nola are good together.

MICHAELTYLO> I mean, Quint would never leave Nola over a student, no matter how brilliant or beautiful.

Madeline> It never made much sense.

MICHAELTYLO> The fans could not have disliked watching it any more than I disliked doing it.

VALW> Well we die hard Quola fans still don't believe that. Our mantra is "It Never Happened."

CK> How is Quint leaving the show?

Angela (Host)> Do actors have any input in storylines as far as their character's history and personality go?

Janine> II enjoyed you playing Blade and your evil brother on Y&R. Wish you were still on there. Did you hate to leave?

MICHAELTYLO> When I negotiated the deal Michael Laibson was producer of GL. He told me there was a story between Nola & Quint, you know, front-burner, romantic, like the old days, with a lot of fantasies, storyline.

MICHAELTYLO> They were even thinking of bringing Mrs. Renfield back.

Angela (Host)> and we were all hoping for FRONT-BURNER!!

Janine> Right!!

MICHAELTYLO> Then, Paul Rausch was hired & Michael Laibson took the storyline with him.

Karen> I loved Nola & Quint -- I cried so hard when they got married. Of course, since I was pregnant at the time, it was the hormones, you know. ;)

VALW> We would have all loved to have seen that.

MICHAELTYLO> Paul decided to go a different way.

Janine> Somebody fire Paul!!!! :)

MICHAELTYLO> In December when I did my one show he told me there was no story.

Angela (Host)> lol

Karen> NO STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MICHAELTYLO> Even though I had a 3 year contract I wasn't going to be window dressing.

Angela (Host)> wasn't it that Paul Rausch thought that the FANS didn't want to see Quint and Nola in a story??

MICHAELTYLO> The fans deserve better than that.

CONPHI> What will happen to Nola?

Karen> Of course, TPTB 3 years ago thought the fans didn't want Maureen around, either. :(

Angela (Host)> sad fact, Karen :(

Angela (Host)> What about the rumors that you didn't show up on the set of GL? Are they true?

VALW> And these are the same people that thought Reva should be a ghost.

Janine> lol

Karen> Michael, the story is SO GOOD these days! I'm finally excited again to watch, and it's been a long time since that happened though I've hung in there.

Janine> Hi Karen :)

MICHAELTYLO> Nothing could be further from the truth (that I didn't show up)

Karen> Yuck, ghost Reva. Yuck, Amish Reva. I am truly glad to see the Slut of Springfield has returned at last!!! :)

ERICKSEN> I'm in effect a new viewer as I didn't start watching until last summer although I did watch 20 years ago, but couldn't Quint be doing more active things in the family business now that Vanessa's gone?

MICHAELTYLO> Those of you who have seen me work know that I am too professional just not to show up.

Janine> :)

MICHAELTYLO> I said my good-byes to all on the set on that Friday.

Angela (Host)> great, Michael... I thought those rumors must have been started by GL to avoid the "truth" :)

Karen> are you leaving?

MICHAELTYLO> There was no sense in my sticking around till the following Wednesday to tape something where I would be standing in the background.

MICHAELTYLO> Mr. Rausch approved it that way & that was that.

Janine> We think it stinks!!! We want Quint back!!!!

Terri> Such a pity..

MICHAELTYLO> I am highly offended by that rumor & if I ever find out who started it, there will be hell to pay.

Angela (Host)> I can imagine!!!

Janine> Maybe you could go back to Y&R Michael? hint, hint?

Karen> how about AMC?

VALW> Well you and Lisa did look absolutely wonderful at the ball. I can't believe they gave air time to the Eurotrash and not to you. And it was a foggy night. Would have been great for you two.

MICHAELTYLO> On my last day, as I was leaving, Paul Rausch said, "Good Bye and Good Luck!" I even told him if he ever *did* want to tie up the loose ends of Nola & Quint to call me.

MICHAELTYLO> Everybody knew I was leaving.

MICHAELTYLO> This is just to make it look like TPTB or somebody didn't screw up.

ERICKSEN> how are they explaining Quint's disappearance on the show?

Angela (Host)> sounds exactly like that

MICHAELTYLO> 25 years of work I have only failed to show up for work ONE day & then I have 104 degree temperature.

Janine> Am I getting through to Michael? He doesn't respond to my questions.

Karen> Michael, 13 yrs ago you did a soap thing in DC & flew back to New York from BWI airport. I saw you there & acted like a total dork. I sure hope you don't remember me, but just wanted to say I'm not really that dumb!

Madeline> How old were you when you started acting (if that isn't too personal a question?)

Angela (Host)> re-ask them... Michael is getting his questions relayed via telephone... it may have been inadvertently overlooked :)

Karen> oh, thought he was personally typing live!

MICHAELTYLO> When I was on AMC once I was sick, throwing up, fever & all that & they sent me to the hospital, then back to work & then, back for a 3 days stay.

Janine> 3 or 4 times? hrmph! :)

Janine> MICHAEL???? Might you go back to Y&R?? Hint, hint???

Madeline> What about Days of our Lives? They could use a new character.

CONPHI> Or join your wife on B&B.

VALW> We've heard rumors of Lisa Brown being courted by As the World Turns. If she does goes there, would you consider joining her?


How about ATWT! CK> Well, I've got to run. I've got kids to get into bed -- I'm sure you understand about that, Michael. Thanks for being here. Goodnight everyone!

Angela (Host)> thanks for coming, CK!

MICHAELTYLO> When Quint left, he was one of the richest men, not only in Springfield but in the world.

MICHAELTYLO> For the entire time I was there they had my living in a tent.

CK> It was fun, Angela. Nice job. :)

Madeline> Maybe he can buy his way back :

) Karen> but connie, don't you kind of find it distracting when real-life couples are on the same show? I keep thinking abt holden & emily on as being married in real life

Angela (Host)> would be nice, eh, Madeline :)

VALW> We thought they were going to give us a "tent scene."

Janine> MICHAEL???? Might you go back to Y&R????

CONPHI> I don't think about it.

MICHAELTYLO> The other thing that mystified me was that it was my sister, Vanessa, who died & they didn't even have me at her memorial, funeral, nothing, ...

Angela (Host)> I really liked hearing the story about how you met and convinced Hunter to go out with you. How did she react when you told her the truth - that dinner with her was part of bet?

MICHAELTYLO> Then, they weren't going to have me at the dedication until someone suggested it.

VALW> TPTB have a very short and selective memory.

Terri> oh, you don't deserve that..::sigh::

MICHAELTYLO> Rausch told me that the stories were going for romance & that TPTB saw no romance in Nola & Quint.

Janine> Hey Host? Ask Michael if he might go back to Y&R? Maybe you'll get answered? :)

ERICKSEN> Angela- can you tell us which questions he can't respond to at least?

Angela (Host)> I did :)

MICHAELTYLO> While no one has asked me to return to Y&R I am always open.

Angela (Host)> he will respond to all questions that I know of... ask away!

Karen> I can't believe they didn't see romance in Nola & Quint -- they sure didn't even try -- you guys were so wonderful way back when

VALW> Do you think that decision had something to do with the show's apparent interest in very young couples?

MICHAELTYLO> Since Y&R is right across the hall from my wife, I'd be glad to.

Janine> Thank you Ang and MICHAEL.

MICHAELTYLO> I've heard the rumors myself but no one has called me to ask about it.

ERICKSEN> how are they explaining his disappearance (Quint's) on the show?

Karen> anybody else wish that Fran would just up & tell Annie to BITE ME???

Angela (Host)> lol! yes!

MICHAELTYLO> Hunter knew that the fix was on with the dinner, that took me 3 months to arrange, when she walked in & saw that Mark was with a date.

Janine> Michael, lol YES!!!!

ERICKSEN> yes- she should just tell Annie that she'll tell Josh what's going on if she doesn't get lost

Janine> We cannot STAND Annie anymore. yuck!

MICHAELTYLO> I don't know how they are explaining Quint's disappearance.

Janine> Michael, how's the new baby?

MICHAELTYLO> They have not contacted me to come back & tie up loose ends.

VALW> They are probably going to say he went back to Afghanistan.

Karen> Annie is one woman I'd love to smack silly -- isn't that something you were doing, connie, SES (smack 'em silly)?

MICHAELTYLO> I did tell them that I would NOT come back to tie up loose ends if it meant leaving Nola again.

ERICKSEN> did they ever discuss having Quint get more involved in the family business or something following Vanessa's "death"?

Karen> and Henry's, too

VALW> Quint was at one time the second largest Spaulding stock owner, but I guess they forgot about that too.

Angela (Host)> Good idea, Michael!! I would hate for them to decide that we didn't want Nola and Quint together!!!

Karen> it's only a soap, it's only a soap, it's only....

MICHAELTYLO> There was no discussion of having Quint be involved in the family business.

MICHAELTYLO> As an example, I had a story years ago with Billy, Vanessa, etc. & when Billy came back to the show they didn't even have us greet each other.

MICHAELTYLO> They did their best to isolate the character.

Karen> you have to wonder about the decisions TPTB make sometimes -- they don't get long-established (and older) characters on screen much; instead they have these young pretty people who can't act their way out of a paper sack

Angela (Host)> ericksen, did you get your questions answered?

Janine> Michael, how is the new baby doing?

ERICKSEN> that's a shame- I know US soaps don't portray real life as closely as British soaps do, but it seems to me that showing people working at least once a month wouldn't be a bad thing and that it's also gr

VALW> I think a lot of this can be blamed on McTavish. She had no idea how to write these characters.

MICHAELTYLO> The baby is doing fine.

CONPHI> How did you et started acting?

MICHAELTYLO> She's getting prettier every day, looking more like her Mother.

ERICKSEN> sounds for good plots if taken down a few levels from the current Spaulding storyline

Karen> but val, she did a great job in the beginning, she really seemed like she knew who was who & how they'd behave

MICHAELTYLO> The boys are really enjoying her, feeling very protective, and acting ... like older brothers.

Janine> Well, she must be then because Janine and I think Hunter is about the most beautiful woman on ANY soap.

VALW> Have you bought your daughter a train yet. My husband got one for our baby girl when she was two weeks old.

Karen> just wait till she gets into their stuff! they'll change her tune (i say as the mother of a 13 y.o. boy & a 9 y.o. girl)

ERICKSEN> Angela- pretty well, thanks

Angela (Host)> Who was your favorite Soap character to portray?

MICHAELTYLO> The writers are not going by the history.

MICHAELTYLO> They don't seem to know the history.

VALW> Karen, I didn't like anything she wrote for them.

MICHAELTYLO> There is something to be said for getting out the show bible and reading up on what happened, you know?

Angela (Host)> absolutely, Michael!!! Maybe you can tell all of us why new writers over look that as well!! lol

Janine> Right. The writer's should buy the GL book we fans can buy.

Karen> I dunno. Seemed like she did in the very beginning. At any rate, it's really getting good now -- I'm so happy seeing my favorites come back, tho I'm sorry to hear you're leaving (oops, left) Michael

ginny> I gotta run Michael good luck to you!

MICHAELTYLO> My all time favorite soap character would have to be Quint, and after him, Rick, the evil twin brother on Y&R.

Janine> Yay for Rick (and Blade)!!!

GINNYG> Michael, how/when did you get into acting?

VALW> They could just jump on the computer and check out the Quola homepage. It would tell them everything.

Karen> lol, quola!

Terri> Michael? have you seen the Quint/Nola page on the Web? It has sound clips..

MICHAELTYLO> Every writer has his own agenda. Every one thinks they can cure the ratings or whatever.

ERICKSEN> are the ratings improving?

MICHAELTYLO> But, the writers have to know that Guiding Light was not built on hard, young bodies, but on characters.

MICHAELTYLO> And, relationships.


Janine> Gee Ang, does Michael know about the great soap opera going on in CO? lol

VALW> I wonder if the realize how high the ratings were back in Nola and Quinton's days.

ERICKSEN> very true- Hart and Dinah bore most people I know to death

Karen> very true -- and the characters, the real characters, not played by impostors, are coming back!!! yippee!

Angela (Host)> I don't know anything about it... what is it? :) Maybe Michael can find an invitation :) Hunter too

MICHAELTYLO> If they brought on a character that was the great-grandson of the character that it's based on, that character would take right off. (Rutledge)

MICHAELTYLO> But, writers seem fixated on making it another Sunset Beach or...

Janine> lol A Colorado Soap starring Hunter and Michael....perfect. We can be the writers. :)

Karen> I am so happy to see Jenna, and Harley, and Billy (hope he stays)...

MICHAELTYLO> You can't make it into just another Sunset Beach, or even a Y&R or B&B, it's Guiding Light, it's been on for 60 years!

VALW> It was so depressing to see almost all the central characters at the Lighthouse today, but no Quint and Nola.

Janine> I think I have watch it for almost that long. :)

MICHAELTYLO> Yes, I know about the Quint/Nola webpage. I love it!

Karen> You know, they could almost have made Zachary Rutledge's grandson, instead of this Touched By An Angel mishegas

Janine> watched.

Angela (Host)> wasn't that the idea about bringing J (no dot) back with George Pilgrim? That backfired, and no lesson was learned? Sheesh!

Terri> I love it too, Michael..was a wonderful find

MICHAELTYLO> I can't wait to get to be computer savvy & pull it up & watch it.

VALW> My mom watched it, I watched it, and now my daughter is watching it.

Karen> my grandmother watched, my mom watches, I watch, my daughter watches...

Janine> I watch, you watch, we watch!! lol

Angela (Host)> lol Can you imagine Nola trying to turn on that damned light! rofl

GINNYG> I've watched GL for at least 20 years!

Karen> gee bren, we could conjugate "to watch"! hahaha

Terri> well...I've watched it since 1980...

ERICKSEN> how are the ratings doing?

Karen> oh ANGE that would be hysterical!!!!!!

Angela (Host)> Ginny, I started watching faithfully just before Quint was introduced..

VALW> Nola would never have been happy being a waitresss.

MICHAELTYLO> My grandmother watched it.

MICHAELTYLO> My Mother watched it.

MICHAELTYLO> Of all the jobs I've ever had it was GL that my Mother was most proud of.

Karen> I looked at the stuff in SOW this week, I've been watching since1968-70 or thereabouts!! I can't POSSIBLY be old enough to remember stuff from almost 30 years ago... :(

MICHAELTYLO> Had my grandmother lived, she would have, too.

VALW> I don't understand why you weren't asked to do the radio anniversary thing on the web. You have the best voice on the show.

Karen> well brenda, we know YOU"RE old!!! gd&rvvvvvf!

Angela (Host)> we're all hoping you get computer savvy, Michael!! there's so much going on that all actors should be savvy and pay attention to the "vocal-est" of all fans :)

Janine> Ye:P~~~~~~~~~~~!!!

GINNYG> Is Michael Tylo your real name...or a professional name?

Karen> 0:)

Janine> Janine would like to know your baby girl's name?

MICHAELTYLO> I am not angry with the show, though.

MICHAELTYLO> I do have to go, my son has a piano lesson, etc.

Karen> Geez, Michael, GL must've said don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, huh?

Terri> thank you, Michael! You made me happy by being here!

Karen> oops, meant that with the show! not with your son! that really came off rude

MICHAELTYLO> But, if there are any remaining questions, I can answer them in writing after the fact.

Angela (Host)> It was a great treat to have you here Michael!

Janine> Oh too bad you have to go. It was great talking to you.

Angela (Host)> I'd love to have you back any time... I think all of us will agree to that

VALW> Thanks so much for coming.

Karen> absolutely, ange Terri> yup

Janine> Yes!!!!

ERICKSEN> thanks for coming!

Karen> Michael, I've loved you for years -- it's a thrill to talk to you

ROBRITA> good luck

Angela (Host)> Let us know what we as fans can do for you, too

CONPHI> Enjoyed it.

Karen> for sure, we are a vocal group

VALW> That's true.

Janine> Give our best to Hunter aall please?

Janine> and all.

Karen> and ask joe breen what we'll do when we get upset

Angela (Host)> As a reminder, this transcript will be faxed to GL tonight... and a copy sent to Connie, Michael's publicist, as well as here in the Soap Forum

Angela (Host)> Thank you all for coming and attending this chat! It has been wonderful to finally see some of you here chatting :)