Fitting Image

August 30, 1994
by Nancy Kerr
Soap Opera Digest

Stars Reveal Their Strategies For Shaping Up And Slimming Down

There are many incentives to begin a diet and exercise regimen. For Michael Tylo (Blade, YOUNG AND RESTLESS), the catalyst was a routine physical exam that turned up symptoms of myelo fibrosis - a condition that could lead to lymphoma or leukemia. Fortunately, it was a false alarm, but the ordeal convinced Tylo to revamp his lifestyle.

After consulting with his physician, Tylo went on a no-fat, cholesterol-free diet and hired a personal trainer, Kevin Hernandez. The results have been gratifying. In addition to losing weight (he's taken three inches off his waist) and increasing muscle tone, there has also been a psychological payoff.

"I feel more positive," the actor enthuses. "I find that I am going to bed before the 11 o'clock news, getting up at 6 am. and actually enjoying the day."

Since a personal trainer can be expensive, Tylo offers these suggestions to help you eat right and get in shape:

l. Aerobicize: "I do two sets of aerobics every day for 20-40 minutes. On the days when I don't do any weightlifting, I get up in the morning and do 20-40 minutes of either the Stairmaster, walking or stationary bicycling."

2. Fit Not Fat: "I eat five meals day, as opposed to what I used to do eating one meal a day to maintain. I'm losing fat and gaining muscle."

3. On The Road: "If there are no machines around, I'll do [regular] push-ups and back-arm push-ups [using a chair], and then concentrate on my abs [abdominal muscles]. That way, the big muscle group is being worked."

4. Vary The Routine: "The important thing is to shock the muscles. If you do the same exercise every day, your muscles have their own memory, and they remember it. So [the exercise] will have less and less of an effect."

5. Fit Is It: "Beside seeing Kevin, the doctor also wanted me to see Bill Meckman, a neuromuscular therapist. The three of us are making a video for 45-65 [year-olds] to [help them] get into shape and alleviate stress without taking medication."

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