Fancy Meeting/Applause

September 27, 1994
Soap Opera Magazine

Fancy Meeting

Y&R's J. Eddie Peck (COLE) ran into castmate Michael Tylo (BLADE) thousands of miles from Hollywood! J. Eddie was doing an appearance at Sears in Raleigh, NC. Michael Tylo, who was playing in a celebrity golf tournament nearby, decided to hit the mall. While shopping, a surprised Michael heard his co-star's name being announced on the mall loudspeaker inviting fans to meet and greet J. Eddie, so Michael headed on over. The two guys had a great laugh at the coincidence of being in the same place at the same time and gladly posed for photos.


From the moment his ex-girlfriend breezed into Genoa City, Blade has been a bundle of nerves. Since it took time for Marilyn to reveal her agenda, viewers had to pick up clues from Michael Tylo's subtle performance. When she finally accused Blade of causing his brother's death, there was enough doubt in the audience's mind to believe that Blade could be guilty. That was seemingly confirmed when Blade told Marilyn that he's willing to do whatever it takes to get her out of town. We look forward to seeing Michael unveil more and more surprising aspects of Blade's perplexing personality.

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