Double Trouble

December 13, 1994
Soap Opera Update

How Y&R Makes Michael Tylo Into Two Different People

Will THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS' Rick end up being an evil twin, or is he just misunderstood? Whichever, Michael Tylo is having a blast playing both the conservative Blade and his rough-around-the-edges brother. "It's fun because it's like theater, when I would have to do quick changes," says Tylo, who dresses as Rick before switching to Blade with his simple, slicked-back hair. "I look at twins are two different sides of the same coin," he says. "It's like the same person with two personalities. One of my biggest heroes is David Canary, who does it so well (as Adam and Stuart) on ALL MY CHILDREN."

Before Rick made the transformation that had him looking exactly like Blade, he had long, curly hair which required a specially-made hairpiece for Tylo. Hairstylist Russell Latham (who made Thom Christopher's [Dante] LOVING wig) created the piece by hand. "I started out by making a mold of Michael's head," says Latham. "The I drew on the perimeter of his eyes, and then I just started going at it with some lace, thread and human hair. Two weeks later, I had a beautiful wig." Once the piece was complete, changing Tylo into Rick was a snap - literally. Using toupee clips, the wig snapped on, and Tylo's natural hair in front would be curled to match. A similar hairpiece was used on Tom Cruise in the forthcoming "Interview With The Vampire," says Latham. While it took Latham two weeks to make the wig, the character only kept his hair long for a week-and-a-half.

The one thing that does differentiate Rick and Blade now is Rick's tattoo. Rick was once a sailot, and Y&R created its own Navy SEAL-type design for Tylo to wear - temporarily, of course. Applied by makeup artist Patti Denney each time Rick is seen, Tylo says "they've got the tattoo down to a science now. The whole (hair and makeup process) takes maybe ten minutes."

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