Blade And Ashley Come To A Decision

September 7, 1993
by Rosemary Rossi
Soap Opera Magazine

Y&R's Blade and Ashley find themselves and their passions on a collision course next week. And it's an explosion that will thrill Y&R fans and change Blade and Ashley's life.

When the man with the past met the woman looking for a future, their attempt at romance was clouded with suspicion, secrecy and surprising revelations that threatened to destroy their relationship before it ever began. At every turn it seemed a new surprise was lurking, waiting to shatter their budding romance.

When Blade's past and the existence of his evil twin finally came out in the open, Ashley's doubts about this man of mystery all but vanished. Or have they? With two attempts at marriage behind her, is she ready to throw caution to the wind and try once again or will she change her mind at the last minute?

"I think most of her apprehension is gone," says Brenda Epperson (Ashley). "But there is always going to be a tinge of suspicion. It would be her third marriage, though, and I don't think she would get involved with someone she didn't feel was being honest with her. But who knows? People can be very good liars."

Their courtship has been an off one, plagued with doubts. But Blade has always known that Ashley is someone with whom he could spend the rest of his life. The physical attraction between the two was obvious and potentially explosive even though they've both been around the block. They're part of "the beautiful people," but somehow they seem to have moved beyond the obvious. Blade is the dashing artist and Ashley is a perfect blend of beauty and brains. It's almost in spite of this that the two are set on an emotional collision course.

These kinds of things happen in real life," says Michael Tylo (Blade). "If you look at my relationship with Hunter (his real-life wife), we didn't have a lot of time. For the first six months we rarely spoke. But then when if happened, it happened with a great deal of verve and passion. Blade does say to Ashley that he has always felt this undercurrent. And I think that's all very natural. The way the scenes are written, there is a lot of talk between them and then he says, 'Words can only go so far.' And boom! That's the kind of guy Blade is."

Blade has made an attempt to explain his life in detail, his brother, his family, and where he grew up. And it was this sharing of his deepest secrets that opened Ashley's heart to him.

"I think what meant a lot to Ashley was that he told her things he wouldn't have told anyone else," says Brenda. "She really liked that because, whether he was being honest about it or not we don't know, but Ashley felt he was opening up to her.

He's also playing a little game with her that nobody has ever played. Ashley has always been pursued by every man - by Victor, by Brad. But Blade is approaching her differently. He's saying, 'I don't know if this is working. Things aren't going right, so why don't you go along your way.' That challenges Ashley and she wants to know why he does things like that. It's a different relationship than she is used to having. She has to work at this a little bit in the pursuit area. It's also a little manipulative on his part too. But she's a bright woman who just happens to be lonely and looking for someone."

What Y&R has in store for Ashley is very different than anything that has happened before. Blade is not the business executive in the suit. He's a photographer - artsy, carefree and creative. "And I think it's time for Ashley to try a different kind of man," says Michael. "She has been involved with Victor and Brad, and they're nothing like Blade. He is someone from out of left field for her."

And lurking in the background, there's still the question of whether or not Blade's confessions are fact or fiction. The answer to that question could mean either happiness or grief for Ashley. Michael explains that "As long as his past is just part of him, Blade can deal with it. But as soon as you make him a part of a relationship, that changes everything. He could probably hide things in his life if no one else was involved, but with her in the middle of it, some of it has got to come out."

One obstacle that Michael anticipates Blade will have to deal with if he's going to have any future with Ashley is her overly aggressive and protective brother Jack. "I would bet the house that Jack is going to be very curious about Blade's past, if no one else. She has done the probing by sending out an investigator and he seems to check out. But you know that Jack has no personal interest in it. I'm sure he's not going to let this one-named man just marry into the Abbott family without something coming out of it."

Blade doesn't mind that Ashley had him investigated. That makes him even more mysterious because he's no trying to hide anything from her or anybody else. He tells them exactly what he's asked, but not one word more.

I don't know if Blade is telling the truth or not," says Michael. "I just play it as honestly as I can. But I do know that both Ashley and Blade have a bunch of passion built up that they want to release. So it has all the ear marks of a very hot romance."

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