Blade's Past Exposed

June 14, 1994
Soap Opera Magazine

Y&R's Blade, upset by Marilyn's increasing closeness to Jack, threatens to spill the beans about her true identity this week. But a sly Marilyn quickly turns the tables when she accuses Blade of killing his twin brother!

In an intimate chat with Ashley, Marilyn reveals that Jack opened up to her about his traumatic experiences in the Vietnam war - and the loss of his son. Surprised that Jack has exposed a rare side of himself to Marilyn, a concerned Ashley hopes that she won't betray his trust. Later, Ashley shares the news with Blade, who clearly doesn't approve of Jack's new friend.

Anxious to meet with Marilyn alone, Blade lures her to the Jabot lab where he warns her to hightail it out of Genoa City of he'll tell the truth about her. But a fearless Marilyn tells Blade point-blank that she saw him cause the death of his own brother. According to Marily, she was watching from her window as Blade and his brother quarreled on the wharf. She adds that she saw Blade strike his brother, who then fell into the water.

Blade tries to call Marilyn's bluff by saying her story is a complete fabricaion, but she sticks by it and adds that she won't hesitate to make it public if Blade follows through on his threat to meet with Jack about her past.

How will this dramatic face-off resolve itself?

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