Best of Las Vegas 2008 - Best Place to Spot Celebrities

March 23, 2008
Las Vegas Review-Journal

Guest Pick

Michael Tylo:
Where do stars stroll? Let's ask one:

"At the Forum Shops at Caesars, where it swings around in that U shape around the fountains, if I'm sitting along the rail I can see celebrities there all day long," says former soap actor Michael Tylo, a frequent Nevada Conservatory Theatre performer and professor in residence in film and theater at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. "I've spotted Jimmy Woods, and an old friend of mine, Kelsey Grammer, and they're just shopping." Just like regular folks, except they can probably pay off the credit card balances a little easier.

A Tylo tip: Celebrities who want to be noticed are the ones who appear to be hiding. "If you have sunglasses on, you want to be noticed," he says, noting that the hide-in-plain-sight approach is usually a better bet for celebrity privacy.

"If you have them off, people don't bother you," Tylo says. "But I wouldn't recommend going up to anyone if they're with family. Back when I was married (to 'The Bold and the Beautiful' star Hunter Tylo), people would come up in restaurants and sit in the booth with me."

If you must be that pushy, at least buy them a drink. Or an expensive appetizer.