A Bad Boy With A Heart Of Gold

April, 1988
by Jeffrey Pearlstein
Daytime TV

He Might Not Be A Father Yet, But Michael Tylo Sure Is Getting A Lot Of Practice

After many exciting adventures and various romantic entanglements, All My Children's dashing rogue, Matt Connolly, has finally settled down to find some happiness as a married man. Although his marriage to Nina may have been a bit hasty, the same can not be said of Michael Tylo's real-life wedding to former co-star Deborah (ex-Robin) Morehart. The two met on the show several months ago, and just like their characters, they began dating. The couple were married last July 7th in a private ceremony at the First Church of Religious Science, which included several castmembers and immediate family.

Even though Deborah, who changed her name altogether to Hunter Tylo, is no longer with the show, Michael really enjoyed working with her. "I think she's probably one of the best actresses I've seen come down the pike in a long time. She's got it all! She's got looks, talent and youth, and I think she's going to have a pretty good career," he smiled brightly.

Of course, things aren't going too badly for Michael himself. Working on All My Children is a very enjoyable experience and Michael always has lots of fun playing characters such as Matt. "I love my character," he declares happily. "He changes his image a lot, but he's always gonna have that rough edge, and that's what makes him different and a challenge to play." Prior to joining All My Children, Michael played Quint Chamberlain on Guiding Light for four years. "That was a fun part, too," he remembers.

When not busy emoting on daytime, Michael enjoys devoting his spare time, which is often hard to come by for someone in the acting business, to some very worthwhile work for several charity organizations. Helping others, especially young children, really gives him a good feeling. "Mark (Mark) LaMura, Brian (Mitch) Fitzpatrick and I formed a group called 'The Bad Boys' because that's what we basically play. We've raised money for Mother Hale's House of Crack Babies and The Tomorrow Children's Fund," he states proudly. Most of the charity work that he does is centered around children because kids are real important to him. "Adults have had their shot at life and can do whatever they want, but not kids. I just want to even it up for them a little bit," he says admirably.

Michael has such fondness for children that he's even joined the Catholic Big Brothers organization and spends as much time as he can with his "little brother" Tony Castro. They do many things together, from going to museums and movies, to playing video games or just hanging out. On several occasions, Tony has had the opportunity to spend some time on the set of All My Children, and was thrilled to meet Erica in person. "I really got a kick out of his reaction," says Michael. "It gave me good feeling to make Tony so happy."

At this point in his life, Michael enjoyes the thrills of being married and sharing his life with someone that he loves. The fact that he's able to help others who aren't quite as fortunate as himself also is a plus. And just like the character of Matt, Michael Tylo seems geared down towards settling down!

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