Auto Show: 200 Auto Dealers to Bring 500 Cars to Festivities

January 19, 1994
Alton Telegraph

Once auto enthusiasts have finished viewing the new 1994 vehicles, they can meet two of their favorite daytime soap opera television stars from "The Young And The Restless:" Heather Tom, who plays "Victoria Newman," and Michael Tylo, who plays "Blade."

Recently, Tom and Tylo were asked which of the new cars they'd like to drive back to the set.


The car that does the most for "Blade" won't be among the new 1994 models; the one he wants is 39 years old, a '55 Red Corvette Convertible.

"Cars of all makes and models have adopted a similar sleekness in silhouette over the years as a concession to aerodynamics and economy," says "Blade." "The streets and highways are jammed with variations of the basic upside-down bathtub shape that has come to monopolize automobile design.

"What works for me is the 1955 Vette, with its classic lines and feeling of infinite power and unlimited speed," he says.

"Maybe one of these days I'll actually find the time to find one and then restore it."

"Blade" said that while he's at the Greater St. Louis International Auto Show he'll check out the Dodge Viper, which he feels is a throwback to the Ford Cobra and appears designed primarily for nostalgic fun.