Website 5th Anniversary feature: Question & Answer

April 3, 2009
A MichaelTyloOnline Exclusive

Favorite foreign country to visit? A country you'd like to visit but haven't?

I like them all for individual reasons. But I have yet to be to Scandinavia, and I want to go. I mean it. I was talking to a very good friend of mine, whom I've known since 1962, about casinos and stuff and if you a won a million dollars, where would you go. I said Scandinavia. I would also want to go to Antarctica, just to see it. It's not that I love snow it's just so beautiful and so enticing to me that I would love to see it. I've seen the desert, seen the tops of mountains, and now I would like to do something like that.

A country I'd love to visit would be Finland, Norway, Sweden. I have yet to visit those countries and I'd love to.

Have you ever or would you ever bungee jump?

No and no.

Can you play an instrument?

No. But if I could, I'd like to play the piano.

Dream car?

My dream car would be a 1966 Corvette convertible. It's a classic and I love it.

How would you describe your preferred style of clothing?

I don't know how to say it, cause what I usually wear to teach are Levi's, a t-shirt with a rock 'n roll band on it. My son Mickey told me that I should always wear t-shirts that have rock 'n roll bands on them so my students won't think I'm an old fogey. I wear a shirt on top of that. I always do that, I have, you know, Green Day, and all these different rock bands. They go, 'oh you know this music', and I go 'yeah yeah, I know it'. And I have listened to their music. It's not exactly my cup of tea, but that's fine. I do love Led Zeppelin, I do love the Rolling Stones, I do love Janis Joplin, and the Eagles and all that as far as rock 'n roll is concerned.

So I guess you would say that my style of clothing would be cleaned up casual.

Do you have a special skill a lot of people don't know of? If yes, what is it?

No, I think people know that I fence. I love to fence and fencing is something I've always enjoyed. That's the only special skill I have outside of anything in the business. I'm always interested in everything: directing, cinematography, staging, set design, all of that stuff. I love all aspects of it.

What do you like to do to relax?

I read. I read everything and anything. I read novels, Lee Patterson, Robert Ludlum, things like that. I'm also reading a book on archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. Spiritual books. I'm reading a book on Thomas Aquinas, It's interesting to see that these theologians had an influence on theatre and history of theatre and therefore the history of film.

If you were a super hero, what would you want your super power to be?

I guess, discernment. The ability to figure out when people are lying or not.


Fast food....That's tough, because I love it all. I shouldn't eat it, but I love it all. I love In 'n Out burgers. They're out here in the west coast and that would be the one thing that I'd miss.

Starbucks...I don't really have a favorite, I'm a straight coffee drinker. Every once and a while I get coffee with whipped cream, but I never use regular cream.

Dessert...Oh gosh, I like all sweets,unfortunately. I like everything from chocolate mousse to creme brulee with chocolate mousse on top of it. When I was doing Zorro back in Spain, the cinematographer owned a restaurant in Paris, and we would sit down and watch European football, soccer, and he would make a big bowl of creme brulee and a big bowl of chocolate mousse instead of chips and beer and things like that like I would to watch a football game, we would sit there with big spoons and watch soccer games. I was very decadent.

Fruit...I love oranges.

Ice cream flavor...It's very bland, I like vanlla chocolate or vanilla with beans in it. I love Coldstone Pure Cream Vanilla, with nothing on it, I just love the taste of it.

Holiday...Christmas. I get back to see my family, my mom and dad. I like to go home to visit my family, my brothers and sisters, and bring my girls when I can.

Pie...Strawberry rhubarb

Musical...there are so many, I guess....My Fair Lady

Actor....English actor Peter O'Toole, American actor Robert DuVall, or Robert de Niro

Actress...Meryl Streep, Kate Blanchet

This or that

Chocolate or vanilla
Star Wars or Star Trek
Too hot or too cold
Football or baseball...both, I love them both
Sunrise or sunset
Truth or dare
Chicken or turkey
Radio or CDs...both
Dogs or cats, I'm not a pet person per se, but I like them both for different reasons
Rice or pasta...neither. I don't eat either.
Comedy or drama, both