A Day In The Life Of Michael Tylo

September 6, 1994
Soap Opera Update

We gave The young And The Restless' Michael Tylo (Blade) a disposable camera and asked him to snap whatever pictures best represented a day in his hectic life. (Tylo lives in Nevada and commutes to Los Angeles each work day!) It's the next best thing to a personal visit!

1. In my kitchen in Nevada, getting together my scripts for the day before I leave for Los Angeles. The flight down to L.A. is a great place to either study my lines again or just relax. People always ask if I hate to commute, but I don't mind at all. I love living in Nevada, so it's worth it.

2. The first thing I do at work when I have the boys (Chris and Mickey) with me is get them in my dressing room. They would much rather watch TV or play in the room than watch dad work on the set.

3. Once I know the boys are okay, I go to the hair and make up room to get camera ready.

4. Celebrating Tonya's (Lee Williams, who plays Olivia) birthday in her dressing room. Having a birthday at work is fun because people (catsmates, hair and makeup staff, directors, everyone) stop by all day long to wish you a happy birthday.

5. Running lines with Shemar (Moore, who plays Malcolm) before we go on set for blocking.

6. Now I'm on-set playing with stage director Randy Hill. He says he owes me big time for this one.

7. Kristoff (St. John, who plays Neil) is paying off a bet we made on NBA playoffs with $20 and a kiss. He chose New York, I wanted Houston. You can tell who won!

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